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Coffee Auctions

"Selling lots of innovative & inspirational coffee"

We love the buzz of an auction, the excitement of the build up through to the winning of the lot you were after.

So we thought, why can't we do the same for coffee and other associated products. We have some truly amazing brands under the Coffee Hub Group and they each have some fantastic products, so we think you will love what we have in store!

They will be run as Dutch Auctions, with multiple lots being offered at increasing discounts until there are no remaining lots left. 

Join us on Facebook Live on auction day to secure your lots!

Auction Catalogue

The lots below will be among the items available to buy during the live auction. Access to each of these lots will be strictly on a timed basis and will be announced as available during the auction only and will then remain available until sold out or 1 hour after auction end (whichever is soonest). 

All prices shown outside of live auctions are standard retail prices and each will be discounted during the live auctions. These products are not available outside of auction format.