Stock Control and Warehouse Supervisor

The Roastery, Semley Business Park, Station Rd, Semley, Shaftesbury SP7 9AN, UK


Job Type

Full Time

What we are looking for

The Coffee Hub Group are looking to appoint a reliable full-time Stock Control & Warehouse Supervisor in a newly created role to assist our team with the management of all things Coffee at our expanding Eco Coffee Roastery, based in Semley, Dorset. The primary roles of the Stock Control & Warehouse Supervisor will be to learn to oversee all things green coffee stock in the roastery, from incoming green bean stock orders, blend batching, managing green bean order processing, green coffee storage, clearance item creation as well as supervising all areas of the warehouse to ensure everywhere is kept clean, tidy and safe throughout the business. Managing stock levels of all warehoused items as well as being responsible for monitoring stock rotation, date checking and stock taking. Other areas of responsibility will be with ensuring incoming coffee containers are kept clean and readily available to production, production of eco fuel briquettes as well as managing outgoing processes such as recycling and weekly deliveries. This is a fundamental role within our business to effectively supervise all areas of the warehouse with particular attention to the Green Coffees we stock and manage for others. This role covers a wide range of responsibilities in our Roastery to ensure the safe and efficient operation on a day-to-day basis. Further developing each area to allow the business to grow in existing and new areas of our industry. You will also become our Stock Controller of all 3rd party stock, ensuring we have sufficient supplies to fulfil orders, stock rotation and creating clearance lines as required to reduce our wastage. This role will be under the direction of the General Manager, with a variety of duties required throughout the day to assist our business as well as the requirements of the department heads in the Roastery itself. This role will be undertaken within the remit of internal and external Health & Safety regulations and following our established Policies & Procedures. The Stock Control & Warehouse Supervisor will also be involved in daily housekeeping duties, ensuring all areas of the green bean storage areas, racking and recycling areas are kept clean and tidy and to the required levels and in line with all relevant company accreditation.

About the Role

Key Responsibilities: This role will be multi-disciplined and will include, but not be limited to, the following areas of responsibility:

3rd Party Stock Control: Manage all 3rd party stock kept at the Roastery, ensure we have sufficient stocks to fulfil incoming orders, stock rotation to ensure we minimise waste. Setting and maintaining adequate stock levels in line with forecast sales and stock requirements.

Managing shelving and racking space to ensure easy and safe access to 3rd party stock for picking and packing.

Working with our in house delivery team to effectively ensure routes and deliveries are maximised for efficiency.

Recycling Process Management: Manage all areas of our extensive recycling processes, from separation of recyclable materials, storage of separated materials, arranging for transport to relevant recycling partners and in house reprocessing where possible (such as cardboard and wood shavings etc)

Collecting and returning any Used Coffee Grounds from customers as well as customer engagement to
ensure complete customer satisfaction. Feeding back customer comments and concerns to the management team.

Clearance Line Creation: Monitoring stock not moving quickly or getting close to date, creating list of each item and ensuring this is reported to the General Manager who will orchestrate its promotion.

Separating clearance stock into an independent area of the warehouse for ease of differentiating.

Eco Fuel Production: Using our Briquette production equipment to produce eco briquettes from the wood sawdust and shavings delivered to the warehouse as and when required. Storage of the produced fuel in a safe and tidy manner in a designated area of the warehouse.

Supervising incoming and outgoing deliveries: You will be responsible for managing incoming and outgoing deliveries from the Roastery, ensuring the timely collection of outgoing parcels by our external couriers, unloading incoming coffee orders off the lorries and recording any defects or discrepancies, general forklift duties for deliveries as required, ensuring all deliveries and collections are recorded accurately as required by company policy and procedures.

Yard Supervision: Ensuring the external yard is kept clean, organised and tidy. All externally stored items are neat and safely stored and made ready for the onward transportation.

Warehouse Supervision: Ensuring the Warehouse & Roastery areas are kept in order, equipment is kept clean and stored in required areas, forklift is maintained and kept charged, shopfloor is kept free from obstacles and swept clean.

Operational reporting: Ensuring that all operations and duties carried out are monitored and reported back to the General Manager on a day-to-day basis. This helps to ensure that we effectively manage to stay on top of all daily duties and that any issues or areas for concern are dealt with quickly and efficiently.