Our Energy Blend brings together superfoods from all around the world, grown and processed to maintain the finest quality including hand-harvested Peruvian Maca, Lucuma, cold-pressed hemp and Vitamin C rich Camu Camu.

Combining these superfoods with zingy Baobab, Banana and ginger to provide a refreshing and fruity energy-boosting experience.


200g Filter Ground Bag



Our Energy Functional Blend brings together a comprehensive blend of superfoods to support your energy levels:


Organic Arabica Coffee

Organic Maca Powder (19%)

Organic Lucuma Powder (26%)

Organic Baobab Powder (16%)

Organic Hemp Protein Powder (15%)

Organic Banana Powder (13%)

Organic Camu Camu Powder

Natural Banana Flavour

Thickener (Organic Guar Gum)

Magnesium and Potassium contribute to normal muscle function


Energy Super Blend