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Bean & Recycled

by Recyclify Ltd

Coffee Shop Recycling Initiative

We are delighted to announce that we have gone into partnership with Recyclify Ltd, who specialise in commercial recycling of a wide range of materials from businesses throughout the South West.

We have formed an alliance to enable us to offer our clients another super unique service. Bean & Recycled is a ZERO WASTE initiative allowing us to support coffee shops & cafes further by offering to collect and recycle some of their business waste. The aim of this initiative is to offer to collect their recyclable waste on a regular basis to coincide with their fresh Eco Roast coffee delivery, thus making the collection/delivery a carbon neutral one.

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Further to this collection and recycling scheme, we also want to offer a reclamation service whereby we advertise materials and products that we have collected but are not necessarily at the end of their useful life. If we can repurpose or reuse some of the disposed items from one site to another, we are truly ensuring that we have offered the very best end of life solution for each and every product that we are asked to dispose of.

To make this happen we will be listing items on this page as well as advertising the products and materials on the main Recyclify Ltd social pages. So it will be worth adding this page to your favourites to be the first to see the great bargains and offers we are able to present. 

Products that we are able to help you dispose of :


Used Coffee Grounds

Plastic bottles




Used Equipment

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